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Duke Radiology - 7th Mammograms to MRI: Breast Imaging and Interventions Breast cancer 15.5 $695
Pancreatobiliary Pathology - A Comprehensive Review Pathology 10.5 $895 - $1,250
Sleep Medicine for Primary Care Primary Care 11 $495
 Radiology CME Courses Specialty Source Credits Cost
27th Annual Advances in Vascular Imaging & Diagnosis Radiology Meetings By Mail 17.5 645
Advanced Imaging of Sports Related Joint Injuries Radiology CMEInfo 18.5 995
Advances in Fetal and Neonatal Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 14.25 $795
Duke Radiology - Abdominal, Thoracic & Pelvic Imaging Radiology Meetings By Mail 15.25 $495
Duke Radiology - Body & MSK Imaging Radiology Meetings By Mail 15.5 $595
Duke Radiology: A Comprehensive Review of MSK MRI Vol. 2 Radiology Meetings By Mail 16.5 $645
Lung Cancer Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 6.75 $295
NYU's Head to Toe Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 42.75 $1,195-$1,295
Pediatric Radiology - 2015 Radiology CMEInfo 33 795
Penn Radiology’s Comprehensive Neuroradiology: Best Practices Radiology Meetings By Mail 25.25 $645
Practical Reviews in Radiology Radiology Practical Reviews 70 $549 - $1,298
Radiology Board Review Questions and Practice Tests Radiology BoardVitals $139/month, $399/6 months
Radiology CME Online Bundle Radiology CMEInfo 45 2695
SCBT-MR (Society of Computed Body Tomography and Magnetic Resonance) 40th Radiology Meetings By Mail 40 $695
The University of Chicago Radiology Review Radiology CMEInfo 46.5 $1,295
Thoracic Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 27.5 $1,095 - $1,295
UCSF Abdominal & Pelvic Imaging: CT/MR/US Radiology CMEInfo 12 $850
UCSF Body Imaging- Abdominal and Thoracic Radiology CMEInfo 20.75 $995 - $1,095
UCSF Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 10.5 $895 - $995
UCSF Musculoskeletal MR Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 13 $850
UCSF Neuro & Musculoskeletal Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 19.75 $995 - $1,195
UCSF Radiology Review: Comprehensive Imaging Radiology CMEInfo 45 $1,495
UCSF Radiology Review: Key Clinical Concepts Radiology CMEInfo 22 $995
UCSF Radiology: Interventional Review Radiology CMEInfo 24.5 $1,295
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Common Diseases

Swine Flu - Updates and information on H1N1 2009 (AKA Swine Influenza) pandemic.

Ankylosing spondylitis - Current protocols for diagnosis and treatment options.

Wegener granulomatosis - Autoimmune etiology and clinical course.

Diabetes - disease and management information, including diagnosis, typical treatment plans and diabetes supplies.


Medical Careers

The US medical jobs market has stayed hot for health care providers. Whether you believe that a provider shortage is in the offing or that the ratio of physicians-to-patients is too high, physician jobs and nursing jobs abound.

A wide variety of medical jobs can be found in the netdoc health care job listings. Particular strengths include permanent and locum tenens physician jobs, nursing jobs across the US, and radiology positions.

Other resources include physician salary information, medical career guidance, and the ability to post physician jobs.


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