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Turning the Battleship: Can PPACA Change the Trajectory of Medicare Costs?
Written by Patricia King, JD   

ppaca provisions
Patricia King, JD
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [i] (PPACA), commonly known as the health care reform law, will likely have a more far-reaching effect on health care in America than even the passage of Medicare.  Much of the controversy surrounding PPACA has arisen from its impact on private health insurance and the law’s intention to expand coverage of the uninsured. This series of articles discusses two among the many mechanisms in PPACA that seek to control the growth of health care costs:  value-based purchasing and the shared savings program. 

What Patients Can Learn About You Online
Written by Amy Jorgensen   

Millions of people today are using the Internet to find love, to buy things, and to stay in touch with one another. To a growing extent, these same individuals are also using the Internet to help them make important decisions, including who to choose as a health care provider.


This trend can have serious implications for you and your practice. First of all, if you do not have a strong web presence you might be missing out on potential patients. Second, if you are not aware of the information about you that is available online then you could be losing clients and having your reputation damaged without even knowing it.

Patients who search online for physicians aren't trying to uncover the skeletons in your closet. Most are looking for the information they need to make smart choice about their healthcare. Knowing what the web has on you is an important step to controlling your reputation with patients and colleagues.

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Finding Patients Online
Written by Amy Jorgensen   

In the past, medical practices acquired new patients mainly through referrals and insurance provider directories. The physicians behind those medical practices essentially just had to sit back and wait for patients to come to them. Today, the story is a little different. More and more physicians and medical practices are recognizing the need for marketing in order to attract new patients. The main avenue for this new wave of medical marketing has been the Internet.

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Identify Your Practice's Competition
Written by Amy Jorgensen   
 physician practice competition
When you were nearing the end of residency and were thinking about starting your own practice, you were probably only concerned with raising the money to get off the ground and helping patients. The truth is that starting or building a practice today involves much more than that. Whether you are trying to choose a location, engage in successful marketing, or form referral relationships with other physicians, you must first identify your competition.

The bad news is identifying your business competition isn't something you learned in medical school. The good news is that it isn't as difficult as you might think.

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Restrictions on Marketing your Medical Practice
Written by Amy Lillard   

The possibilities for marketing your medical practice are numerous. The most effective methods of advertising and growing your practice, most agree, are physician referrals and promotion. But there are some hurdles to jump when using these method.

This article will detail some of the restrictions that exist when making and receiving referrals, and in preparing marketing aids to reach new patients.


Common Diseases

Swine Flu - Updates and information on H1N1 2009 (AKA Swine Influenza) pandemic.

Ankylosing spondylitis - Current protocols for diagnosis and treatment options.

Wegener granulomatosis - Autoimmune etiology and clinical course.

Diabetes - disease and management information, including diagnosis, typical treatment plans and diabetes supplies.


Medical Careers

The US medical jobs market has stayed hot for health care providers. Whether you believe that a provider shortage is in the offing or that the ratio of physicians-to-patients is too high, physician jobs and nursing jobs abound.

A wide variety of medical jobs can be found in the netdoc health care job listings. Particular strengths include permanent and locum tenens physician jobs, nursing jobs across the US, and radiology positions.

Other resources include physician salary information, medical career guidance, and the ability to post physician jobs.


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