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Important: This tool should not be used to make medical decisions - check the original data source (HHS Hospital Search) and discuss hospital options with your physician to select the best hospital for you.

New York Hospital Ratings

Hospital quality varies widely in New York City. We looked at hospitals within 5 miles of a central zip code 10021, and looked at the metrics set out by the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Best New York Hospitals

Eight New York hospitals picked up a top rating.

Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center garnered the highest marks in the 2008 rankings, earning the title as highest rated hospital in New York.

City Hospital Center at Elmhurst - performed well on all metrics, falling just below excellent in pneumonia care.

Bellvue Hospital Center - makes it into the list of top New York hospitals for the first time in 2008. It scored strongly in all categories, falling just below excellent for pneumonia care.

Mount Sinai Hospital - another new addition to the list in 2008, Mount Sinai scored well in all categories, except for a mid-range score for heart failure care.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center - joining the top list in 2008, Bronx-Lebanon had a mid-range score for surgical infection prevention.

Palisades Medical Center - also fell short only for surgical infection prevention.

Harlem Hospital Center - the one concern here is the surgical infection prevention score, which is borderline on the low end.

Metropolitan Hospital Center - performed well on all the metrics, with a borderline (on the high end) score on pneumonia care.

Worst New York Hospitals

None of the hospitals in this area picked up the worst rating available, but two were notable in getting the second from worst rating.

Lennox Hill Hospital - surprisingly bad score for heart failure care.

North General Hospital - squarely mediocre on most measures, North General scored poorly for pneumonia care.

Dropping out of the top rankings in 2008

Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center

How to use the Hospital Rankings tool: Hospitals around your zip code are shown on the map. The color of a hospital's marker shows how it performed on benchmarks set out by the US Department of Health and Human Services in four categories: Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Surgical Care Improvement/Surgical Infection Prevention.

Hospital ratings are based on an algorithm that combines information from a variety of hospital quality measures collected by the US federal government. These hospital rankings use information gathered about frequent types of primary care admissions, rather than tertiary or specialty care admissions. Because the hospital ratings represent data collected on common diagnoses for hospital admissions, they may not reflect the actual quality of a hospital for many reasons. For example, some hospitals may treat a high proportion of nursing home patients, and some of the data points might therefore not be relevant (for example, if a large fraction of patients enter the hospital on a ventilator they are unlikely to be given "stop smoking" counselling at discharge). Other reasons for a mismatch might include patient demographics, tertiary care expertise and type of hospital.

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